Why Choose To Leave It All Behind??

The first question we always receive when people find out we are travelling around Australia is “how long are you going to do it for”, the answer is not easily answered, as we have no idea.  A few years ago Corey (my husband) and I spoke about travelling around Australia, we both thought it was a fabulous idea, you know, one of those dreams that you could fulfil when you win the lotto.  We would often dream about it, thinking of all the places you could visit, people you could meet and the working experiences you could have.  Again, we just always thought it was a dream, only available to the mega rich.

Our life continued on, the usual story, get married, build new house, have a mortgage, work your ass off, then fit in having a child, then balance a work/life balance.  At the start things were great, I had my dream job (at the time because of the fantastic support network I had), we could go on the occasional holiday, and we could provide everything that our new bundle of joy could ask for.  Behind the scenes though, every fortnight our bank balance just wasn’t that great.  All of our money was going towards mortgage repayments, rates, electricity, insurances, registrations, landscaping, all the normal things that form part of your life.  We decided to sell our house, our house that we had built and designed together with the help of family and friends.  After a few months, our house did sell, and then we had to decide where to live.  Luckily my parents had a small property just out of town with a large shed.  They offered it to us, bearing in mind that the only service to the property was town water.  That’s right folks, no electricity.  We had our caravan, and at first we thought this will be great.  We had no debts, we didn’t have to pay rent, our only costs were the minimal bills like phone, private health cover, insurances.  We bought a generator so we could run the air conditioning in the van if we needed and we quickly got used to the caravan way of life.  After a few months we thought about travelling again, I had started a new job and absolutely loved it, Corey was doing really well in his job so we just weren’t sure if this was the right time.  Our son Zac was almost 4 and we thought if we are serious about this, we should do it before he has to be settled for school.


In April of 2013, we both gave our employers 6 months notice that we would be ceasing working with them and we would be travelling around Australia.  We researched into what we needed to do our vehicle, luckily we already had a caravan, and even though a larger one would be a lot nicer, it does the job just fine.  Roof racks, suspension, extra storage areas, rebuilding engines, all the things to equip up for our trip of a lifetime.  My sister had organised for her wedding to be on the Sunshine Coast in October 2013, so we though great, that can be our first stop!  It was sad leaving my job, leaving our friends, and even more so leaving my parents, but this was our stepping stone to build a great foundation for our own family unit.  After some ups and downs we experienced in the years leading up to it, the excitement overtook the anxiety of saying good bye!

On Sunday 20th October 2013 – we departed Charters Towers and set off on our adventure of a lifetime.


10 thoughts on “Why Choose To Leave It All Behind??

  1. nikbooth says:

    Can’t wait to follow your blog Kel! I envy you. Makes me reminisce about our four month honeymoon in the troopy. Such great times and something Z man will benefit from and cherish. Good luck! Love & laughs xx

  2. Jessica says:

    This is awesome!! Good on you guys, I’m so proud (and jealous!). You’ve chosen to LIVE your life and you give us all something to aspire too. Glad
    To hear it was hard to leave us too hahahahaha. Will meet you in some random place this year. Love and miss you all xx

  3. Great Oz Escape says:

    ‘How long are you going for?’ (or its variant, ‘When are you coming back?’) is the question we’re most often asked too. And when we answer ‘Indefinitely’ (ie we have no fixed end date, or place, so we don’t know!), most people just look confused…! It is so reassuring to read blog posts like this one, and know that WE ARE THE SANE ONES 🙂 Thanks, Blonde Nomad.

    • theblondenomad says:

      We are definitely the sane ones, and this lifestyle has proven that life is meant to be lived. Yes, we still work from time to time, yes we pay bills, so there is some normalcy there, however the choice of decluttering our lives has given us the opportunity to make choices based on what we WANT to do, not choices surrounding what we HAVE to do! I hope we meet up on the road somewhere, travellers become kindred spirits 😉

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