How Many Pairs of Shoes?


This question was one of my first questions to the husband when we were packing.  We were driving along, I asked, he responded.  His rhetorical question was ‘how many do you think’?  To be honest, I wasn’t even sure how many pairs of shoes I needed to have, considering we had no real plan, I knew I had to pack for each season, but what about events? Country races? Balls? Dinners? Bah, I laugh out loud at myself now thinking about all those crazy ideas I had going through my head.  To come to an answer we decided to each say a number at the count of three, and then we would meet half way.  After the count of three he says “2”, I say “20” – didn’t sound so bad, means I could take 11 pairs of shoes with us.  His response to me questioning his measly ‘2’ was, “your thongs & your runners”.  Um, how could he even suggest that these would be the only two pairs of footwear that this diva would need while travelling.  How was I going to look like something from an RM catalogue when we are working on properties if I didn’t have my much loved Ariats, what about the classy events we would be invited to, I would need at least a pair of heels, right? Oh how embarrassingly wrong I was.


So turns out, my thongs are my best friend.  They have walked me to some of the most glorious lookouts, taken me into the finest of pubs, protected my souls from the burning sand, saved me from foot fungus in the communal showers and gripped me tightly when spinning upside down in the scariest of rides at Seaworld.  The patent leather air flex heels I have been carting around the countryside and still comfortably sitting in their box, the sketchers are also right beside the heels, the 4 pairs of dressy thongs in different colours are beside the sketchers, the ballet flats (not one pair but 4) are beside the dressy thongs, and most importantly my beloved Ariats are stored under the seat in the dining area.  Husband proves me wrong again (please don’t EVER tell him I said that),  I can get by with just 2 pairs of shoes.  I’m sure coming into the cooler months and as we are heading south, I will wear my boots and probably one pair of flats, so the rest I’m pretty sure can be sent home to the beloved shipping container of love.


If anybody actually reads this, then I will continue to take you on my packing journey.
Ask yourself this question, when you go away, what do you take?  I’m one of those people that takes something for every climate (just in case), for every occasion (just in case), two bags (just in case one goes missing).  Totally “OTT” really.  So, let’s get packing for our trip.  Ok, so of course my major concern was packing for every season, and occasion.  Stupid pre-trip Kellie actually thought that we would go to events?  Hmm, how absurd to think I actually thought that.  I packed, then I re-packed.  We’ve been gone nearly 6 months, and I have already sent three boxes of things home to my parents.  I packed 4 dress jackets (just in case), I packed 3 dresses (just in case), I packed 6 scarves (just in case), I packed 6 summer dresses (just in case), I packed 4 winter jackets (just incase).  Now, all you need to do is scroll through our photos to know that I have been wearing pretty much the same thing since day one!
We are currently spending some months in Canberra as Corey has secured some short-term work, and let me tell you that probably 75% of the things I have still left in the van (and the space cases on the roof of the car) will be sent home to my parents.  One thing this trip has really helped me with, and that is to de-clutter and realise that you don’t need ‘things’.  Now I am going to say something that you must never let Corey find out, and that is, I can perfectly cope with just 2 pairs of shoes!


3 thoughts on “How Many Pairs of Shoes?

  1. Great Oz Escape says:

    Hi Blonde Nomad. This post made me laugh out loud; I’m not so much into shoes, but have spent a lot of time pondering ‘how many pairs of undies?’! We’re hitting the road in 8 weeks’ time (to travel indefinitely), so it’s quite the dilemma… I reckon I’ve decided on 15; two weeks’
    worth plus a pair for washing day 😉 You’re so right about travelling helping us to realise how little ‘stuff’ we really need: and it’s so liberating letting go of it all. Looking forward to following your travels; and might see you out on the road 🙂 Cheers, Kim

    • theblondenomad says:

      Haha, the undie debacle!!! That’s another one, we started off with SO many undies, are now down to about 10 pairs!! It’s true what they say about needing things, once you give it all up, you realise just how little those once important items were. The most valuable thing we own now is “time”. Time to choose what we want to do, spend time with our son and each other. Can’t wait to follow your adventure, the next 8 weeks will fly 😉

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