What They Don’t Show You On Their Newsfeed!!!!

Most people say it’s the great Australian Dream, to buy a caravan and see this beautiful country, however I have also spoken to some people who could think of nothing worse.  This is what makes the human race so spectacular, we are all different and we all want and need different things.  What we find our ‘dream’, others may find a ‘nightmare’.
We left it all behind in October 2013, and we haven’t looked back.  Even though all our photos are fabulous, always having a great time, seeing things, the normal run of everyday life still exists people!!!  What you don’t see (what I or others don’t post on the internet) are the arguments, the tiredness, the over stimulation of activities, wanting some space, missing my family and friends, and wanting some TIME OUT!
For instance, I thought it was going to be tremendous, not working, and getting to spend all my time with our delightful son.  Well, let me tell you, at first this wasn’t so much the case.  I was used to working full-time and only really seeing him in the morning and afternoons, for the breakfast and dinner runs, books and bedtime.  I was definitely not used to the ‘mummy, mummy, mummy’ 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  I even got to one point where I could’ve quite easily jumped on a plane and returned home (home is my parents, a place that will always be my home).   I rang my Chief #1 Saviour, my Mum.  I didn’t know what was going on with this child I thought was an angel, he was erratic, tired, moody, I questioned myself ‘what have we done’?  Some great advice Mum offered was that maybe Zac was being ‘over-stimulated’.  I never once stopped to think that he wouldn’t like to be busy busy busy, day in day out, visiting all these new people (who were loved ones to us but total strangers to him).  The thing is, he was enjoying himself, however he also needed some much needed normality.  So we decided to ‘slow down’ a fraction and plan a ‘nothing’ day every so often gaging by his moods.  I had an exam booked in for Port Macquarie, we booked in to a beautiful little caravan park for a week.  A week to just do normal things, like painting, reading, swimming, and some much needed sleeping.  We got our little charmer back!!!!  We have continued these ‘nothing’ times to this day, as we end up with a much happier child.
OK, rant over about the child, problem number 1 is fixed.  Let me move on to problem number 2, the husband.  My husband and I are good mates.  We have been through a lot together, like most couples, and like every other couple have had our fair share of arguments, fights, disagreements, whichever you wish to call them.  I am extremely head strong, a planner, a perfectionist, a go getter, anxious, and I also never shut up.  Corey on the other hand is laid back, not a planner, doesn’t get phased by too much, hard working and a lot more on the quiet side than I.  Spending all day every day together has resulted in some much used curse words, that I feel cannot be used in this rant.  Oh, and wait until we are both extremely tired, don’t the barnies start then.  Corey is chief driver on this trip, that leaves me to be chief navigator.  Most of our arguments start in the car when Corey doesn’t listen to my directions, I get fed up with him not listening and then I start screaming like a crazy person because I am so frustrated.  Don’t even get me started on trying to give him directions to back the caravan next to the small concrete slab so it is aligned with the door.  I’m guessing you get my drift, we too have had to figure out when to shut up, walk away and then come back reserved so fellow travellers don’t think we are some possessed lunatics ready to open fire on each other when we arrive at a camp site.
This little insight into the ‘other’ world, is just to emphasise that even though we are living ‘our’ dream, we are still living.  We still have to clean our van, do our washing, prepare meals, we are just doing it in different locations.  People always say they are jealous, how do you do it (most people curious to the financial factor).  We are still going through everything other couples are going through, we just don’t have to save to pay our rates and house insurances any more, which provides us with the freedom we needed to fulfil what ‘our dreams’ are.

7 thoughts on “What They Don’t Show You On Their Newsfeed!!!!

  1. Heike Herrling says:

    Yes, YES and YESSS!!! I can’t comment on having a child travel with us, because there are only two kids in this van – my husband and I and YES we have felt the struggle that is spending 24/7 together.
    I can see why the statistics of depression amongst retirees is so high. Because endless spare time and endless time with your life partner is stressful! Especially when you may not talk to another person for days at a time.
    It took us a while to get into a pattern that works. Little bits of routine is important so that I don’t feel totally at wit’s end. As simple as having breakfast everyday, helps. We have a ‘date’ night at least once a fortnight and we alternate about who is in-charge of pampering the other on that night. One will cook something nice for the other, make a little cocktail or open a nice bottle of wine and do the dishes. Play nice music and talk about the good memories of the trip so far. It makes all the difference. People probably think every night is date night when you’re on an adventure like this. But far from it. After driving all day and trying to find a nice camp, often it’s easier to be grumpy with each-other than happy. Especially, when my husband asks “how much water are you using?!?!”, to the sound of our water pump on. GRRRRR you think I can’t hear the pump and think about our limited water supply when we’re camped in the middle of no where, too?!?! I’m just trying to wash my face to calm down because you don’t listen to me when I’m directing you into a parking spot!!!!!!!!! 😀
    *end rant*
    Feels good to know we’re not alone in this experience. xx Heike
    PS: Walkie talkies are a marriage saver, if you’re not already using them to help guide reversing (helps to stop you from accidentally yelling to be heard over the car motor – which use to always escalate my quickly!).

  2. Fabie says:

    This is also something I have been wondering about – and same things, some of my friends couldn’t think of anything worse!

    I think you and I would really enjoy a glass of wine together to plan the next trip while Corey and Warrick can just chillax and bag their navigator wives!

    ps: Heike! Walkie Talkies – we have a set of UHF radios that will do the trick! thanks so much – people will think there is something wrong when we are reversing the van, we will be so quiet! lol

    • theblondenomad says:

      I hope we do get to meet up 🙂 there is a real connection between travellers, something that draws us together – probably the like minded approach we take on life and “living”! xo

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