PROJECT “10:15 TimeSnap”

My Mum recently gave me a present, a bag with the words “see the world….come home for love”. 



ten fifteenI’m sure majority of people who live or work away from their family, agree with Dorothy in that there is ‘no place like home’. Wouldn’t it be great if wherever we are in the world, we could click our heels 3 times and be home with loved ones.  Since this isn’t the case, I’ve come up with an idea, The Blonde Nomad’s 10:15 TimeSnap! Before I explain what this ‘timesnap’ is all about, I will first let you know why and how I came up with the idea.  

In this day and age, families are often separated, and although this separation is usually of benefit to the whole family, there are important times that people can miss out on.  Boarding students, FIFO workers, Defence workers, travellers, just to name a few are within the group of ‘missing out’ on family time.  As I have said in previous blogs, the times I find hardest being away from my family are things like birthdays, the birth of children, and special occasions like Easter & Christmas (sometimes when hugely emotional it can be as little as missing Mum’s Sunday Roast).  It would be wonderful if we could afford just to fly home every regularly, but this isn’t the case.  People who work away from their families can’t just stop everything and come home, boarding students who have travelled long distances to get to school often spend their birthdays in dormitories, Defence workers who are posted overseas miss out on lots of special occasions as well.
We live in a era of opportunity.  Gone are the days where we grow up in the same town as our parents, grandparents and then marry somebody who is from the same town and then have children in the same town.  It is an era of experiencing different countries and cultures, moving interstate, working away for financial and professional gain, falling in love with somebody from ‘somewhere else’, all these factors can have both positive and negatives and everyone makes these choices for what is best for them or their families.  This is where my ‘timesnap’ idea came from.  The word ‘timesnap’ I thought I was being hugely clever and creating this word, however it already exists in the lovely world of the internet.  The internet is a wonderful tool for staying in contact with family and friends on a daily basis, via Facbeook, Twitter, Instagram, Emails, Skype, FaceTime, the list goes on.  So let’s use this even more to our advantage to stay in contact with loved ones (and spy on everyone else!).
So the idea of 10:15.  At 10:15am, I am usually sitting down having a coffee & morning tea with Zac, and this is when I stop and wonder what my folks are doing, if my sister is taking a morning tea break, if the kids at school are having a great break and playing, if museums and being discovered by travellers, if a surfer is catching the wave of their life, if a hairdresser has transformed somebody, if a Dr has saved somebody, if a child is born, if a bill payment is due, the thoughts that go through my mind are endless.  I also click onto Facebook and Instagram and see what people have posted.  Now, how cool would it be if lots of people at the same time all posted what they were doing or where they were at exactly the same time!  We could share with people all over the world and see what they are doing at 10:15.  Not everyone is available at 10:15am so we are lucky that there will always be 2 x 10:15’s a day! At 10:15 at night, people might be reading, drinking, dancing, eating, kissing, dating, another great time to share photos with loved ones!
TS Instructions
WHERE TO FROM HERE…. what I need is YOUR help.  I need you to help get this started, and then invite all of your friends to get it growing.  Photo challenges are so much fun, and the more people that play along the more fun they become.  I want this to be natural, for you to take 60 seconds out of your day to ‘SNAP’ and ‘POST’.  If you have Instagram – snap the photo, post the photo, hashtag the photo “#TBNtimesnap”.  If you have FaceBook – snap the photo, post the photo on The Blonde Nomad’s Facebook page, or on your own page and TAG ‘The Blonde Nomad’.  In either of these social media outlets you can then tag family & friends so they can see what you are up to.  Don’t think too much about it, just SNAP.
Set your alarm, alarm goes off – SNAP! Take a selfie, what you are eating, what you are reading, where you are, your shoes, anything that has something to do with what you are doing in that instant of 10:15.
Instagram Facbeook
I’m going to start the #TBNtimesnap on May 1st, Zac’s birthday!  I could think of no other better way to start then on this day… so hopefully you can too!!!  I look forward to seeing all your photos 🙂  Share Share Share and let the timesnapping begin!!!


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