Happy Hour, WHAT????

Pre-caravan Kellie (me), used to see this word and think ‘woohooo cheap Margaritas’.  Now, caravanning Kellie has learnt that this is a term commonly used amongst Aussie travellers alike for a get together in the afternoons.  It usually commences from about 4pm and is a great way to share adventure stories, have a cuppa and a cookie, a wine and some cheese, a beer and some nuts, whatever takes your fancy!  I like to explore local produce and share with other travellers alike, I have also picked up some great recipes and of course, we take our Camps Australia book so we can circle MUST SEE locations.
Happy Hour
During our first few months of travel, we were mostly visiting Family, so this ‘Happy Hour’ term wasn’t really used.  We would just decide it was ‘wine o’clock’ and we would prepare a platter to share.  Now being in caravan parks, and free camping, we totally understand the term, and to tell you the truth look forward to them.
Every caravan park and free camp spot varies.  The atmosphere, the people, and therefore ‘the happy hours’.  Sometimes, it’s just another couple inviting you over to their domain or vice versa.  At some parks, the Camp Kitchen are full of travellers chatting and laughing, some parks even have pizza nights and camp fires to relax around.  We have also been lucky to have guitar players around! The best thing about travelling is meeting new people.  Everybody has a fabulous story to tell, and I feel so lucky to have met all the people we have so far.
Just when you think Australia is a big place, you run into somebody you know through somebody else.  At one park, I met a man who grew up where my father’s family were from, Mt Isa.  He told me he knew my Great Grandfather and that he thought he was a really cool bloke.  He told me stories of how my Great Grandad, George, had the coolest car, and that he actually bought it!  It was just such a wonderful feeling knowing that this man knew some members of my family so intimately.   On another stop, my parents came to visit and Dad got chatting to another guy who grew up in Cloncurry, QLD, so he knew some of our friends from Charters Towers, and he also knew my Great Uncle quite well back in the day in Mt Isa.  It’s these links that make me want to have a chat with and meet everyone.  I follow other travellers on blogs, Facebook and Instagram and after chatting with them on-line I feel like they are friends, and hopefully one day we will have the opportunity to meet up in person!!
It’s great to know that even though everybody is different, as our feet touch the earth we are all looking at the same stars!  So, next time you have the opportunity to ‘talk’ to a stranger, do it, as it is fabulous to meet up with others and hear of their personal stories.  We look forward to hopefully meeting you one day and sharing a ‘Happy Hour’.
See you on the road!


3 thoughts on “Happy Hour, WHAT????

  1. Heike Herrling says:

    Well the stars are pretty bright here in the middle of outback SA, and while that makes me feel like I’m entirely isolated from the world, you’re right, I’m looking up at the same thing as all of you out there! What a great sense of community being on the road has!! x

  2. theblondenomad says:

    So true! Corey and I were looking up the stars the other night, and we were talking about you guys in Ulura, and how amazing it must be out there. Stars are magical…. and like Mufasa said ‘The Great Kings of the Past look down on us from those stars”, I like to think that there are special people from our life looking down on us and watching over us x

  3. Vicki Bryant says:

    Your last paragraph sums it all up! We are all looking up at the same gorgeous stars! No matter where we come from, what we do, or where we go, we are all enjoying our country. Australia is too beautiful to take for granted! Life is often too short, make the most of every day!

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