The Blonde Nomad Is Expecting!

The Blonde Nomad blog has suffered some neglect of late, and that’s not due to lack of interest, it’s due to starting our Dometic Follow The Sun ambassadorship, we are travelling around NSW, SA & VIC and Dometic are picking up the tab. If you want to get regular updates, follow us on Facebook where we share lots of travel info & photos!

Anyway, since I have last written on here, not only have we started this adventure, we are also pregnant! We have a bundle of joy due in January 2015 and words cannot describe just how excited we are. Little Zac (Master 5) is getting more and more excited, and now he can feel the baby kick, he is over the moon. There are regular belly kisses, where he talks to the baby, constantly reinforcing that he is the BIG brother, and that he can’t wait for the baby to come out so he can give it cuddles. It really is a magical thing, I just hope, that these siblings maintain a bond through their whole life, unlike me!


So, pregnant and travelling, how has that been you ask? Well, this baby likes to sit really low in my belly, making it a little uncomfortable in the car, but I do regular stretches which help, and we don’t drive for very long stints at a time, without a pit stop so I can get up and stretch out. Having a toilet on board also helps as I regularly visit the loo throughout the night. This travelling life allows me to rest when I need to, so really, I am in an ideal situation and environment to be pregnant.

What happens when the baby is due? My obstetrician is in Townsville so come November we will be heading back to North Queensland to have Christmas with Family & Friends, and welcoming our bundle of joy into the world. If all goes well and we have a healthy, happy travelling baby, then we will most likely hit the road again. Zac will be starting school next year, so we will either hit the road prior to the school year commencing, or perhaps stick around North Queensland so he can do a term of school. I am looking into home schooling/distant education so we can continue travelling. This life has taken us by storm, we love travelling and have so many places on our ‘to see’ list due to meeting so many people on the road and them sharing their stories and experiences.

Life with children always brings surprises, so we wont be making any major decisions until early in the new year, but at this stage, a bigger van, opportunities on the lookout for us to hopefully venture to the Western side of this country, so watch this space people for updates on our adventures!! I promise I will try and do weekly updated from now on in to keep you all posted.

All our love from the road.

Kell x

8 thoughts on “The Blonde Nomad Is Expecting!

  1. campertrailertravels says:

    You are very brave travelling whilst pregnant….I couldn’t travel to the shops without taking a bucket! Good luck with the rest of your trip.

    • theblondenomad says:

      Thanks to my #1 fan! Hoping that you can join us on our travels somewhere, one think that does suck about travelling is being away from you, but I know you are only a phone call/plane flight away x

  2. Mandy says:

    You better come West – looking forward to meeting you ALL. Great to hear you are embracing this nomadic lifestyle AND giving Corey the opportunity to write his fabbo poems! 😉 Love hearing about your travels.

    • theblondenomad says:

      I’m glad you love his poems x I reckon he is pretty talented! We will be coming west, might need to save for a few months beforehand, but I think that my Mum would appreciate us close by for at least a few months with a new grandchild around!! Hoping that they might even join us for a couple of months next year (which Zac would also LOVE). I can’t wait to drink tea with you xx

    • theblondenomad says:

      We surely do have an exciting Christmas coming x let’s hope Bub stays in until AFTER Christmas 🙂 Where will you guys be at this time??? When does your epic journey come to an end and where will you end up??

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