My Baby Bump {and those comments that make you cringe}

As you may or may not be aware, we are expecting a little addition to our family in January 2015.  On the road, I have been quite well, I mean I do get uncomfortable, get a sore back, have some digestion issues, can be emotional, but overall I am feeling really good.  This lifestyle is allowing me to rest when I need to. I lay down and stretch when I need to, I go for daily walks and I have a lot more time to plan meals, so I am eating healthy as well (well except for over indulging in my #1 craving of chocolate).

What does upset me from time to time though are the comments about how ‘huge’ I am.  On the most part, people are quite positive and whether they are saying the truth or not, they pump you up by saying you look lovely.  Everyone who ever has been pregnant, would have to agree there are times where you just feel like a loaf.  My breaths are shortened, I can run out of steam a lot quicker, and I avoid jumping pillows.  When you are feeling a little down, it seems to be the right moment for people to say things like “wow – you are going to pop soon hey?” – “OMG I had twins and wasn’t as big as you” – “Are you sure there is only one baby in there”.  I’m sure that people don’t say these things maliciously, it is just hard that when you are experiencing one of the most beautiful things that can happen, these comments can play over and over in your head and kind of get to you.

SO – I have decided that I am not going to be upset, I have embraced my pregnancy and the way in which my body has changed.  I don’t care if I have put on weight, or look like a baby albino whale, I am loving being pregnant.  I am going to share with you MY BUMP!  This is not a cry out for compliments, I am simply super proud of what my body is going through and I don’t feel the need to hide it.  My little five year old thinks I’m just beautiful and he loves touching and rubbing my belly.

Not long ago, we caught up with friends, and a few of us girls were discussing just how amazing us women are, our bodies are capable of growing another human being and can go through labour.  It is a pretty amazing thing to do, so I am now focussing more on the ‘I am healthy and super lucky to be carrying a baby’ and letting those comments go by the waist side (sorry for the pun).

So here it is –  my body transforming as I carry a little human inside.  I am going to make a promise to myself that I will not start my answer with “I know I’m huge – but I’m ….. weeks pregnant” – I will now say “I am the proud carrier of a ….. week baby & I feel super lucky”!  Today marks my 28th week of pregnancy so Congrats to me 🙂

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11 thoughts on “My Baby Bump {and those comments that make you cringe}

  1. redroveroz says:

    Wow!! Love your baby bump! And thanks for sharing. I am grateful for being given a heads up about how ‘huge’ comments feel like on the receiving end. While i choose not to have children, i am simply in awe of women who do.

  2. Karelynne Randall | Results Coach says:

    Good on you for sharing how you feel and making the decision to be nothing but PROUD of you, your body and your family!
    The more you share your realistic and positive feelings about being pregnant, the more you’re giving other women the opportunity to form a positive attitude about themselves, children and family.
    That’s so important because those ‘little beings’ absorb all that surrounds them; forming attitudes and values right from the moment of conception and all the way through to birth and then some, building ‘character’ for the rest of their life.
    What better than to absolutely celebrate and relish in what’s almost certainly the most amazing experience ever in life, for all concerned.

  3. Heike Herrling says:

    I think you look gorgeous! It’s funny how sayings can really pack a nip. People always mean well, but so often they don’t choose their words well. I wonder, sometimes, if it comes from a tiny place of envy. I don’t think you look big at all. I think you look like a baby maker! Which is beautiful 🙂

  4. Alena Kirkman says:

    Hey Kellie, I’m 7 weeks behind you and have definitely popped myself. I too marvel at the comments people make in reference to the size of my bump. As you know, I’m a midwife, and I still get comments from my fellow midwives about my girth….’Hello fatty boomba’ (whilst rubbing my tummy) was unwelcome to my sensitive pregnant ears. I know the person who said this was not serious but it still ruffles the feathers.
    So keep on with the positivity and ignore those with less than positive comments and I will try to do the same!

  5. garland0130 says:

    I honestly hate the twin comment, who finds that appropriate? There is a lady in my prenatal group who IS having twins…and let me tell you, these people have no idea what they are talking about! Haha. You definitely have a cute belly, so your resolve to ignore these comments is good!!! 🙂

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